Forte Private Product Disclaimers

Product disclaimers:
Past performance is not a guide of future results and any historical returns, expected returns, or probability projections may not reflect actual future performance. Estimated projections do not represent or guarantee the actual results of any transaction, and no representation is made that any transaction will, or is likely to, achieve results or profits similar to those shown. Investments in private placements are speculative and involve a high degree of risk and those investors who cannot afford to lose their entire investment should not invest. Such investments are only suitable for accredited investors who understand and are willing and able to accept the high risks associated with private investments. Investments in private placements are highly illiquid and those investors who cannot hold an investment for the long term (at least 5-7 years) should not invest. Alternative investments should only be part of your overall investment portfolio and any alternative investment portion of your portfolio should include a balanced portfolio of different alternative investments.
FSA does not provide investment, accounting, tax, financial, accounting, legal, and regulatory or compliance recommendations or advice to its clients and all investors are strongly urged to consult with their own independent advisors regarding any potential strategy or investment to assist you to understand and assess the risks associated with any investment opportunity. Nothing on this Website or in any other medium is intended as an offer to extend credit, an offer to purchase or sell securities or a solicitation of any securities transaction.
Please refer to the respective fund documentation for details about potential risks, charges and expenses. No securities commission or other regulatory authority has recommended or approved any investment or the accuracy or completeness of any of the information or materials provided by or through FSA.